How To Have The Perfect Day In Portland

When describing an ideal day spent in Portland, Oregon you can basically narrow it down to three key-words: Cannabis, Treats, & Nature.

In no other city will you find such a glorious blend of these three joy’s of life and this guide will give you the perfect way to spend your day living care-free yet enjoying yourself to the max!

Getting Around Portland

To begin, when talking transportation and getting around in this great city let’s just say you have OPTIONS! Whether by car, public transportation, rental bikes, and now even rental electric scooters you can easily get to where you need to be. If needing a rental car, Car2Go is quickly becoming one of the most affordable and convenient ways to get around (in style too might I add). Otherwise the Hop Fastpass app along with Portland Transits app will easily get you around on public transportation. Be sure to download all these apps as well as the Biketown and  Spin apps before you get here as some require time for registration prior to use.

The truth is though, any local will tell you that we’re not terribly prone to crossing one of Portland’s many bridges unless we really have to. Portland is essentially divided geographically into four quadrants; East and West districts by the Willamette river (pronounced Will-AM-it) and North and South by the prominent Burnside St. Our personal favorite quadrant is NW district; home to the highly popular and trendy 23rd Avenue as well as the vast 5,100 acre forrest park seemingly tucked away in the heard to the city!

Where The Journey Begins

Making your way to our very own Thurman Street Collective will leave you walking distance to all of these amenities. This is also where your fun-filled cannabis, treats, nature day begins. Enjoy local art proudly displayed in our front shop entrance. Once inside, indulge to your hearts content on the very best strains of buds, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates Oregon has to offer. Once pleasantly satisfied, you have the options of heading right next door to pick up a bite from Kenny & Zuke’s Bagelworks, hopping across the street to The Dragonfly Coffee House (with a convenient walk-up window), or catching Fifty Licks Ice-cream truck now located right outside our store!

Be sure that you’ve already started on your edibles if that was on your game plan; at this point were only a few minutes away from having you embark on an epic forest wonderland adventure and we want conditions to be just right! Continuing West on Thurman Street, you will inevitably cross the unique Thurman Street bridge. Before you continue across this bridge, find the staircase that walks you down to the lower level. This is the very tail-end of Forrest Park and the beginning of the Lower Macleay trail which you can take all the way to the gorgeous downtown views of the Pittock Mansion or hop on a less popular Wildwood trail if desiring to avoid excess foot-traffic.

Coming Down From Our Peak & Winding Down The Day

Once you’ve made your way back from a majestic day in the forrest you have definitely earned further treating yourself to one of the many wonderful dining options right in NW district. Ataula is super close to our location and feature some amazing cocktails and a true Spanish cuisine experience. Continue exploring the shops all along NW 23rd Avenue or indulge in one of the many happy hour opportunities available most days of the week.

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