Project Description


Cannabis infused products are extremely effective in minimizing the symptoms of multiple diseases and conditions. Topical ointments are faster acting and typically provide pain relief within 10 minutes. People who consume cannabis infused edibles will experience a total body high approximately 45-90 minutes after consuming their first bite. The body high will intensify during the first 2 hours and typically last 2-6 hours. Adults should consume a few bites of their edible product at a time until they are able to determine the correct dosage of medication their body needs for relief of their symptoms. Research shows there has never been a documented death of an individual overdosing on cannabis. This is due to the cannabinoid receptors located throughout our bodies that bind with the cannabinoids in cannabis. Side effects from over consuming medicated edibles may feel intense. A few symptoms associated with over consumption of cannabis edibles are paranoia, difficulty breathing, sweating, dizziness, rapid heart rate and hangover-like symptoms. If these symptoms occur we suggest, fresh air and a bite to eat. Very important to get something in your stomach and the side effects will begin to diminish. Crawl back in bed and sleep it off.