Cannabis concentrates are just what the name implies: products with highly concentrated levels of cannabinoids, including THC, ranging from 40-85% and in some cases even higher. The term “concentrates” applies to any product derived through a cannabinoid extraction process. Concentrates can contain many different types of cannabinoids, the most popular being THC and CBD, and come in a variety of forms. Let us help you break them down so you can fully understand what you are consuming.

Hydrocarbon Extracted Hash Oil

portable vape pen

Hydrocarbon Extracted Hash Oil is made by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant via a hydrocarbon extraction process using a solvent such as butane or propane. After evaporating away the solvent, what’s left is the oil found in cartridges or pre-filled vape pens. The oil can then also be infused with natural flavors and terpenes. Potency will range from 60% to 95%.

Wax or Budder

THC wax up close

Wax or Budder is produced by whipping air into BHO/PHO (butane hash oil/propane hash oil) while purging the butane or propane out with heat and agitation. Whipping the hash allows the solvent to escape quickly and creates a consistency that can range from hard and crumbly to soft and gummy depending on the strain and the way it was produced. The most common way to smoke wax is to put the wax into a wax vaporizer pen or dab it in a glass rig. Some people like to put wax on top of bowls or in joints as well. Potency will range from 60% to 85%.


thc shatter

Shatter is produced by purging the solvent from the hash oil in a vacuum oven for up to 72 hours.  No agitation is used in this process, allowing the hash oil to form a stable, translucent structure.  The resulting substance can have the consistency of glass or taffy depending on the strain. Shatter is usually sold on parchment paper and will “shatter” when broken apart. The most common way to use shatter is dabbing it through a rig. Potency will range from 70-90% THC.

Live Resin

thc resin

Live Resin is often considered the most flavorful and pungent type of hash oil. Terpenes are preserved by freezing a freshly harvested plant and then performing the extraction.  Most of a plant’s terpenes are lost during the first week of drying, so this type of concentrate has a flavor and aroma that is closer to the scent of the bud while still “on the vine.” The consistency can vary depending on the strain, ranging from a wet sugar consistency to a stickier substance like sap. Live Resin can be used in a vape pen or dabbed. Potency will range from 70-90% THC.


thc concentrates

Distillate is made using a process called short path distillation that requires further refining and purifying BHO/PHO with alcohol. Using controlled temperatures to extract individual cannabinoids or terpenes, the compounds are then extracted and collected, with the resulting oil appearing almost translucent. No solvents are retained in the product during the distillation process, which is why it’s called “solvent-less” distillate. The consistency of distillates is similar to that of honey. It can be purchased in raw form, with a neutral smell and taste, or infused with natural flavors and terpenes. Distillate can be used in a vape pen or dabbed. Potency will range from 75-99.9% THC.

Bubble Hash

bubble hash

Ice Water Hash, aka Bubble Hash, is made by using ice cold water and agitation.  The cold temperatures make the trichomes brittle, and agitation helps break those trichomes off from the plant material.  Then, different sized micron screens are used to filter the plant material from the various sized trichomes. As the majority of cannabinoids and terpenoids exist in the head of the trichome, the highest grade bubble hash consists purely of trichome heads.  The hash is then dried and pressed or left loose. Potency will range from 30-85% THC.